How to read this pseudo novel

This is a wanabe NOVEL written IN FRENCH set in a French café in a provincial town called Silverville where a retired detective writes his diary. Here are the main characters:

Sherloque is a retired detective in France writing his diary.

Franklin is an American ethnologist out of work

Mr Ynard is an old man,  a distant relative of Franklin’s, having problems with his neighbours.

Francette is a former school friend of Sherloque’s, a potter wanting to open up her pottery studio to the public for the summer.

Thibaud is a young History student doing research for his doctorate.

Duchenoc is a computer maniac living in the same block of flats as Thibaud.

Basile is a retired farmer living in town.

About the author:
A bilingual European citizen living in a rural area in France. Her writings in English can be found on:

Threefold Twenty
A Pottery Studio in France
Liyan in the South Pacific
Tasman’s log in 1642
A Travel Blog


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