6. Bear with me

Bear with me,  12 February 2017

In the story I am telling here as a would-be detective it will often sound completely mad. I will appear to be deranged. I’m asking readers to bear with me though. I wish to state facts and I wish that readers take them as such. This is the way it happened. My interpretation by now is « ripe » and settled as I have lived through these « facts » for a decade. Throughout these years I have noted them in writing or taken photographs. I do hope to be proved correct in my findings one day.

The written text given to me by my relative in early February 2006 is the first set of facts. My reaction to it was to tell some official body as I saw what was happening at my relative’s as odd and dangerous. I drove my relative to Paris to the address of a national body for the protection of citizens against Information Technology.  Their role was to make sure this then new technology did not infringe on human rights or threatened the private life and basic liberties of citizens. When my relative went into the office giving them the copy of the « report » they said it had nothing to do with them as they only dealt with businesses and industry. The other body the report was sent to was the local district governance who also turned it down. I was very surprised of that attitude. My next thought was to tell my university back in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As a postgraduate student in social anthropology I had been instructed that, as an ethnologist in the field, you have to take down any kind of information even when it looks to the ethnographer as totally ludicrous. I knew they would take that blasted report completely seriously. However I had not kept in touch with anyone there and that was over twenty years back. The only way would be to physically go there and see someone. Unfortunately my financial situation did not allow me to take a flight anywhere. So the whole thing was left hanging and my relative seemed wanting to avoid me after that.

St Civran MAISON 2006-5 janvier (2).JPG
a bedroom in the attic under way

In February 2006 the house attached to the pottery studio was being renovated. I now had the use of a small bedroom upstairs under the eaves. One night I woke up with the feeling someone was walking around outside. I thought of what my relative had said, that « they » had a connection to the place through the electricity meter. Perhaps, could be, but feasible. Awake upstairs I heard my asian bamboo jingle sound out loud. It was inside the house hanging from the ceiling in a room where I had all my stuff stored in a mess. During the following day I took a photo of that bamboo jingle. There was absolutely no way it could have jingled on its own. This remains unexplained. Just a fact I took down.

St Civran MAISON 2006-25 févirer (2).JPG
a bamboo jingle hanging from the ceiling

I have plenty more of such « facts ». I’m asking my readers to bear with me. And not to qualify me as deranged quite just yet!


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