5. Burning pains

At the end of February 2006 I was given the report of what looked like high tech surveillance from neighbors of a relative who lived less than 10 km from me. In June of that same year 2006, the first weekend of June, as I had spent a few hours walking on country lanes with my baby granddaughter in a pram, a violent pain of burning started in the back of my neck. As I had been wearing a turtle neck coton shirt it could not have been sun burn.

It was the long weekend of Pentecost and most pharmacists were closed. I was taken 20 km to one that was open who said it must be some kind of allergy. I was given some ointment to calm the pain. A week later it was still there although not quite so painful.

Frankie’s burnt neck June 2006


I laughed to myself thinking that Pentecost was indeed when the apostles received tongues of fire after Jesus had died. The neighbors spying on my relative were known to be extremely anti church people as you find them on the French political scene in the extreme left wing party. WH too was always mocking my christian ways and ideas. He had explained to me, I remember well, that moral behavior of being good to others, not saying lies and not stealing, did not apply to non believers. It did not apply to him. I guess it did not apply to these neighbors of my relative either.

Now in 2017 i.e. 11 years later, we know that surveillance is done on a grand scale using the latest and highest technology. We know that a single human being can be pin pointed and tracked via satellite. It is no opus-copus nor alien doings. I still need experts confirmation but I maintain that, on that day, I had been tracked and marked by someone who had access to this kind of technology.

a week later


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